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NeuroSpa at Roaring Fork Neurology is a brain and body wellness center located in Basalt, Colorado.  We teach methods for self care and self regulation.

​Relax in one of our sitting areas, thoughtfully designed by local artist Erin Rigney with her signature encaustic paintings.

Enjoy our blended Brain Health Tea and listen to soothing music.

As you prepare for your treatment session, stop by the Aromatherapy Zone for a few deep cleansing breaths.

After your session, enter the Intrinsic Space, a space for breath and meditation.

What is NeuroSpa?

Sign up for our 8 week program to optimize brain health as you age.  Anyone is welcome. We focus on overall health and reduction of risk factors for Alzheimer's disease including diet, sleep disorders, exercise programs, cognitive stimulation, breathwork, stress management, and mental health. During the program, a cognitive assessment and risk factor reduction program will be personalized for you.

Whole Brain Wellness Classes

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350 Market St. #001, Basalt, CO 81621

8:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday through Friday .                            970-927-1141